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Breaking glass - the Blue Runner

By HotPot Norge, Jan 13 2016 09:00AM

For anyone who's ever worked with 3mm glass or thicker, you've probably come to appreciate the help of the blue runner.

As stained glass artists we were first introduced to the Blue Runner while learning the craft. Sure, I still prefer breaking glass with both thumbs on each side of the scored line. But if you've ever had a particularly small piece of glass where your thumbs have less than a centimeter on each side of the score line to grip, or if you're working with doubled rolled glass, the blue runner is an invaluable friend.

If you're still wondering how to use it, it's quite simple:

See the line or arrow on the head of the runner? That's the right side up.

2) Align that arrow / line exactly on your score line on the glass.

3) Press down gently and the pressure will divide the glass.

If things don't go as planned, one of 3 things must have happened:

a. Your score line did not start off strong - do not recut the glass at the same spot - just rotate the glass and align the runner on the opposite end of the score line and press.

b. Your score line is non existent - in this case you will have to recut your glass on a fresh new spot.

c. Did you check to see if the blue runner is right side up with the arrow / line facing towards you?

Useful tip:

* Always cut glass on its smoothest side. In the case of dichroic glass, cut on the uncoated side.

Hope this post has been useful. Good luck and happy fusing!

The Blue Runner right side up - see the raised line on the jaw bit?
The Blue Runner right side up - see the raised line on the jaw bit?
Breaking on the score line
Breaking on the score line